Justine Garner is a Professional Medical Writer who helps her clients communicate with impact—that is, factually but with flair.

She’s been working in science-related fields for almost 10 years and has experience writing for national and international clients who work in pharmaceutical marketing, continuing medical education, medical journalism and publishing, and academia. With this diversity of experience, Justine believes that whether it is copywriting or journalism—a physician audience or consumer one—print media or digital—written communication needs to consider the context to successfully convey the message.

Justine holds a M.Sc. in Human Genetics from McGill University.


Her story

Justine always knew she had a knack for writing, but she realized she could make a career out of her talent during her graduate studies in Human Genetics at McGill University:

As a graduate student, she used to get frustrated because her laboratory experiments were always failing. Her "eureka!” moment finally came after some self-reflection made her aware that her ability to write—particularly her ability to write compelling grant applications (which, funny enough, kept funding her ineptitude at bench work)—was probably a better place to focus her energy.

Armed with a degree, one publication and a steadfast commitment to continuous learning, she went to work in a marketing agency that specializes in pharmaceutical products, where she became the lead medical writer on nine brands.

With personality traits like curiosity, adaptability, and responsibility, pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavour was the next logical step. In addition to copywriting for marketing tactics, Justine now does a variety of styles of writing, including education-focused writing and medical journalism.

Working with Justine is a pleasure. She’s equally adept at heavy science and creative writing and always delivers quality work on time. When I work with Justine, I know I will get something that I’m proud to show to my client.
— Mike Spelay, Associate Creative Director, bMod Communications

key skills

  • Communicating with impact by writing attention-grabbing copy that will resonate with the target audience because it is aligned with your strategy and data-driven insights

  • Reaching different audiences—including doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, nurses, patients, and consumers—with tailored writing to effectively engage those specific individuals

  • Choosing the right medium (digital, print, social, etc.) for your message and using a writing style that is modern and consistent with the trends for that medium

  • Brainstorming catchy creative concepts that will successfully communicate your message at first glance

  • Adapting global marketing tactics for the Canadian market to get them approved faster


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HER personal side

In addition to being a professional medical writer, Justine is also a traveler, multipotentialite, adrenaline junkie, introvert, and compulsive list-maker.