Communication needs to be easy to understand, interesting, and engaging.


Yes, medical communication needs to be credible, too, but transferring knowledge effectively means making the data digestible. My mission as a medical writer is to help you share your message with strong, clear, captivating text.

Whether it is copywriting or journalism—a physician audience or consumer one—print media or digital—I understand the context and will work with it in order to write with impact.


my services

My clients are mainly marketing and CME agencies, but I’m flexible! Looking for help on a project? Here are some services I offer.

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About me

I’ve been working in science-related fields for almost 10 years. Learn more about my professional experience here.

I have had the pleasure of working with Justine for several years and consider her to be a very accomplished writer. Her work is always on topic and in line with the briefing provided, whether she is addressing Guidelines for physician usage, developing patient-oriented materials or summarizing a key conference for the public. Justine is a professional who is knowledgeable in key therapeutic areas and clearly understands the science when developing medical content. Feedback from colleagues regarding her work has always been excellent. I enjoy working with Justine and highly recommend her writing expertise to all.
— Jadzia Ronald, Account Director, Elsevier Canada and PMCQ Director, Pharmaceutical Marketing Club of Quebec

HELP! What Does a MEDical writer even do?!

I work in marketing, but specifically in the marketing of pharmaceutical and other healthcare products, which is a specialized (and also special) kind of marketing. It’s just as fun as regular consumer advertising, but it has a few more important rules, so ask your doctor…errr, I mean, a medical writer…if the project you’re planning is right for you.

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Let’s connect

Because I’m not physically present in the same office space as my clients, I strive to make working together as smooth as possible. If you want to put a face to the name at the bottom of those emails, feel free to interact with me on social media!