about me

Let me help you write your story


I’m a writer with an astute ability to discern the facts and details needed to tell your story and make it easy to understand, interesting and engaging to read.

I discovered my talent for writing during my graduate studies in Human Genetics at McGill University; at the time, I felt as if my laboratory experiments were always failing, but my knack for writing convincing grant applications kept paying off! After graduating, I went to work in a marketing agency that specializes in pharmaceutical products, where I became the lead medical writer on nine of the agency's brands.

My experience is in a variety of therapeutic areas, including psychiatry, ophthalmology, nephrology and over-the-counter medications. I know the Canadian pharmaceutical advertising regulations, and I am able to write effectively for various audiences: doctors, pharmacists, nurses, patients, and consumers. 

While at the agency, I also helped to grow the business by participating in business pitches, including our first international business opportunity. I created compelling presentations that successfully highlighted the team's strengths and distinctions.

I became a freelance writer because I love what I do and freelancing gives me the opportunity to explore several industries and diversify my experience. I am passionate about learning and I am not afraid of new challenges. My vision is to help other businesses achieve their goals through brand stories. If you are in need of a medical, technical or proposal writer, please reach out to me and let's get your story out there.